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Construction Update August 2022

It has been an exciting time at The Patch, with works continuing to bring our residents closer to starting their new life in The Patch community.

>Anticipated Title Timing

Stage                             Timeframe                         
  1                                    Q2 2023
  2                                    Q2 2023
  3                                    Q2 2023
  4                                    Q2 2023
  5                                    Q4 2023
  6                                    Q4 2023
  8                                    Q4 2023

Sewer construction is nearing completion in Stages 1 – 4.

Stormwater drainage in Stages 1 – 3 is nearing completion, with Stage 4 works expected to commence soon.
Water and gas infrastructure is progressing well in Stage 1, with Stage 3 to follow.
Stages 5, 6 and 8 construction planning is in full swing.

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