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5 landscaping tips for improving your front yard

Landscaping isn’t always top of mind when you make the move to a new home. If you’re getting started on thinking about landscaping for your front yard, we’ve gathered a few tips for you to think about before beginning your big project.


1. Tend to the lawn and garden beds — regularly

Surprisingly, a lot of households do not pay attention to the basics — their front lawn! Putting the time in your diary to give the grass a weekly trim, keeping edges nice and crisp, and removing weeds are all simple ways to keep the front of the house looking polished.


2. Add a splash of colour

You don’t need to overinvest in a large variety of flowers, but adding colour to your front yard is a quick way of boosting the liveliness out front. Some low-maintenance favourites like lavender or rosemary officinalis, which can be picked up from your local Bunnings, make perfect choices. Be sure to limit the number of species throughout your garden to keep it easy to sustain and reduce clutter.


3. Pay attention to form and space

When working on adding to your garden (or pruning it down) don’t forget to consider the shape and form of the overall space. Visitors would appreciate clear visibility of the entire garden, so don’t put tall plants at the front, while any pathways should be kept clean and easy to walk through. Having a variety of plant sizes adds depth and interest to the overall look.


4. Go large with pot plants

With Melbourne’s turbulent weather, keeping small, delicate plants outdoors may not be a great idea. For spacious front yards, look at framing it with some larger planters to easily kick it up a notch. Succulents or snake plants are a great option for outdoors as they come in many colours and sizes, perfect for customising the appearance of your entryway — and super weather-proof!


5. Level up your yard with edging

Have a simple front yard and want to start getting fancier? Consider introducing ‘edging’ to your front yard. You can line garden beds and pathways with a variety of materials — stone or timber are great options to get started with — while remembering to mulch your plant beds regularly using low-maintenance mulch, like pine or forest fines, makes it easy to keep the overall appearance nice and clean.


When you buy land or packages at The Patch, don’t forget that we provide free front landscaping to select lots. To learn more, check out the Free Landscaping page.

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