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Buy land with time to save

“Keep life moving forward, and plant the seeds today for your future tomorrow”

– Matthew Vassallo, The Patch Wollert Estate Manager.

The Patch at Wollert provides you with a great opportunity to plan for your future home with security that you’ll have block of land you want.

As a new estate which is about to start construction, we can offer what is referred to as ‘longer title time-frames’. What this means is you’ll get more time to save before you’re expected to pay the full cost or ‘settle’ on the land.

This can give you more choice and opportunity to build the home you really want, and help ease fears around current market uncertainty.

We asked Matt, our Estate Manager, why. Here’s what he said:

More time to save for your block of land

Most developers require you to put a deposit on the land you want to secure, with settlement as soon as 60 days after. A longer timeframe to title means that you can secure the block you want with a small deposit at today’s price. Having more time to save prior to land titles being issued gives you more flexibility to modify your budget or home plans before settlement.

Matt believes that longer title time frames allows purchasers place a deposit on a block of land, save, and settle at a much more comfortable pace.

A chance to carefully pick your dream home design

“You can spend more time deciding on a builder, choosing the perfect home and deciding how you would like to customise it!” – Matt, The Patch Estate Manager

Because of the longer timeframe before you’re required to start building, you have more time to present your building envelope and land to builders to package on. You can modify a standard plan, or go to another builder to get different plans that fit all of your needs, including the layout, finishing, inside area and facade.

Get the best upgrades or cost savings possible

Matt believes customers can take the time to enjoy getting the home that is right for them with longer title timeframes on the land.

This also means you’ve got more time to negotiate! Builders often run promotions with great added value packages. This gives you a chance before settlement for you to think through them all. There are other cost savings to be had, such as taking a little longer to design your house sustainably, potentially reducing your overall energy and water costs.



Imagine the home you could be living in 2022. Secure your lot today to start working towards making your dream home a reality in Melbourne’s North.

“Keep life moving forward, and plant the seeds today for your future tomorrow” – Matt Vassallo

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Jinding Developments does not guarantee the accuracy of the information in this article and advise all purchasers to always conduct their own due diligence when purchasing property.

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