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Why Is Wollert House & Land Underrated?

Many people are finding out about The Patch through searching for information about Wollert, but what has been driving the interest in the northern Melbourne suburb?

The stage is set for future growth

We don’t have a crystal ball, but there are some pretty exciting things proposed for residents of Wollert in the future. The suburb has a range of development activity underway, and will soon be home to a planned P-12 government school, right next to The Patch, sporting fields, future retail and more. Plans are also in place for a $40-mil future neighbourhood centre consisting of a supermarket and a range of retailers which could include cafes, restaurants, convenience stores, health and wellbeing providers and more, with an emphasis on community connection and sustainability.

The median established home price rose from $461,000 to $580,000 (REA Trends) between 2016 and 2019, capturing the attention of astute buyers seeking growth from their property purchase.

To read in-depth about what’s planned for Wollert in the future, read more on the Wollert Precinct Structure Plan.

First home buyers get to maximise their property’s potential

If you’re a first home buyer, you’ll also know that buying house and land is a great option due to the opportunity to tailor a house and land package to your budget and potential access to government incentives, like the First Home Owner Grant and stamp duty concessions.

In addition to government incentives which reduce the cost of buying, you’ll also be able to explore a range of different inclusion packages offered by builders when choosing a home design. In a survey conducted with The Patch database in June 2020, many home buyers found appeal in being the first to live in their future dream home and getting to choose their own colour palettes and materials. With many land estates and local display homes available, you’re spoilt for choice when shopping for house and land in Wollert.

There’s time to save – secure your future early

Wollert offers a unique opportunity in many instances to pay a small deposit now to secure the perfect location for your home, even if you aren’t looking to move in just yet. Developments including The Patch typically take a 5% deposit when contracts are signed, with the balance of your land purchase not payable until the land is ready. With Wollert being a relatively new development frontier, many new estates offer an extended period before settlement. During which time you can continue to save and work through the details of the home you would like to build. Dream homes take time!


If you’re new to Wollert and have just begun your research, why not book an appointment with our Estate Manager and get a rundown of all the things Wollert has to offer when it comes to house and land?
To get an idea of what’s possible, remember to check out the great house and land packages available at The Patch.

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