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5 things coming to The Patch Wollert in the future

Artist impression of The Patch future central park playground


At The Patch, we try to keep you up to date with the latest Wollert news. Located in Wollert, The Patch is an up and coming new land estate located 29km from Melbourne, Victoria.

Here are 5 things coming to The Patch, in Wollert:

1) Future parks with playgrounds

Wollert will become home to a wide variety of future parks, with a proposed central park, heritage focused park and more, amounting to over 4 hectares of open spaces and parklands. The protection of 100+ year river gums currently existing on the site will be a key sustainability initiative, alongside the retention of existing dry stone walls.

2) Planned P-12 Government School next door

The Patch is close to existing schools such as Edgars Creek Primary School (10 min drive) and Mernda Central College (8 min drive), however the introduction of the planned P-12 government school next door to the community will bring more secondary schools options for residents.

Teenage boy and girl conversing next to a building wall

3) Proposed Sports Grounds with Proposed Community Centre

Within the planning for The Patch neighbourhood is a proposed sports ground and community centre, contributing to the over 6 hectares of the active recreation and sporting reserves planned for the estate.

4) Proposed Retail Town Centre

This proposed retail town centre in the masterplan for The Patch could become a Wollert Shopping Centre hub, with hopes for a range of speciality stores and café’s located within.

Artist impression of The Patch future local town centre

5) Planned walking trails and carefully designed streets

The Patch hopes to bring to Wollert best-in-class design guidelines that govern the community and ensure high quality streetscapes. This will instil a sense of pride and community in residents as they enjoy their neighbourhood.

Artist impression of The Patch future entrance way


While there isn’t yet a Wollert train station (though there are hopes for one in the future), Mernda Train Station is just a 12 minute drive away offering direct access to Melbourne’s CBD. You can access the entrance of the Hume Freeway with an 8 minute drive, taking you to transport links all over greater Melbourne. Wollert has an exciting future, and The Patch is a big part of it.

We hope that The Patch will help residents make their destination local in the future, becoming a thriving and vibrant neighbourhood.

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