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Industry Update: Changes to the National Construction Code Take Effect on 1 May 2024

The Australian Building Codes Board, in conjunction with the Victorian Government, has announced an update to the National Construction Code (NCC) which will be implemented across the new homes industry from the 1st of May 2024.

The changes will make homes cheaper to run, more comfortable to live in and more resilient to extreme weather. Here’s how they might impact the homes you can build at The Patch:

  1. Energy Efficiency Boost

Higher standards of energy efficiency are being introduced that may help new homes reduce their energy consumption, be more resilient to extreme weather and help to lower utility bills for home-owners over time.

  1. More Livable Designs

These provisions may improve the suitability of new homes for people with reduced mobility, ensuring the needs of the community, including older Australians are met. For homeowners, enhanced accessibility and livability means families can remain in their homes for extended periods without needing extensive modifications as they age.

  1. New Home Designs to Choose From

Across Victoria, renowned local builders will be updating their current home designs to comply with the new standards. Builders may also increase their prices to provide more sustainable and livable homes in the long term.

For more information about these changes visit:

  1. The National Construction Code (NCC) – here
  2. Liveable Housing Design Standards – here

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